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Mobile : 07939 527567


CLASSES – the age bands for each class are only a guide & are always flexible as to which class will suit each child

Mini Stars

MINI STARS ( 18 months – 2½ years ) – Hand-eye co-ordination, positive listening & the ability to follow simple instructions are key areas we try to develop in this class.


This class introduces children to sport in a non-competitive & fun environment.  Hoops, beanbags, balloons, rackets and different size and shape balls are just some of the pieces of equipment we use to boost their enjoyment.  Colours, shapes & numbers are also incorporated into each session. Limited time on activities ensures that the children stay engaged & focused. We ask for adult participation during these classes, not only do the children require the assistance they also love you joining them.

Rising Stars

RISING STARS ( 2½ – 3½ years ) – Greater focus is placed on teaching more sport specific skills such as different types of throws, dribbling around obstacles and aiming at targets.


Confidence is growing by this stage and the children have begun to develop their hand-eye co-ordination, balance & listening skills.  More structured activities allow the children to start challenging themselves and to learn how to use their new skills in basic game situations.  Although at this stage the children are gaining in confidence they still require plenty of help and praise from their accompanying adult(s) so we still ask for adult participation.

Super Stars

SUPER STARS ( 3½ years – school age ) – Independence, sportsmanship and the importance of team work are all key to these classes.


We continue to develop throwing, catching, striking, dribbling and shooting skills, but also aim to enable the children to apply these within game situations.  With the adults sitting at the side the children participate alongside their peers, developing skills such as taking turns and joining in team games.  Our aim is to send your children off to ‘big school’ with a range of skills that will give them the confidence to take on the new challenges that will face them.