Mobile : 07939 527567
Mobile : 07939 527567

Schools & Nurseries

A one-off session, in Healthy Week for example, a block of sessions, or weekly classes are all offered by Sport4Stars Ltd.


Here at Sport4Stars we understand that all schools are unique and have very different requirements. Our aim is to work with your teaching staff to develop either a one-off session or group of sessions that will complement your curriculum. We offer sessions for Nursery, Reception, Year One and Two.


Our programme is designed to improve, not only your children’s co-ordination & sports skills but also their confidence, self-esteem and social skills. The children will work on developing individual skills, and their ability to work with a partner and in small groups.


All our coaches are DBS checked and will arrive fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for each session, ready to teach in whichever space is the most appropriate, either inside or outside.  Session content and length are all flexible and can be discussed at your time of booking.



For more information or to book please contact Roz on 07939 527567 or email roz@sport4stars.com